How does the ad system work?
Posted by Konrad Piwowar, Last modified by Konrad Piwowar on 01 November 2018 02:08 PM
Each video in the system is assigned to a paysite at the approval queue stage. Paysites can be added by selecting "Paysites->Add Paysite" from the menu. Once there, you enter the paysite name and url. You will also notice several large textboxes here labeled ad0, ad1, ad2, ad3 and so forth. You use these to set ads for this paysite by entering HTML into them. You can enter iframe code, javascript, banner ad code, text links, flash ads, or anything you like into these boxes. For example, if we decided ad0 will be a text link under the player, we would do the following:

1) Create our paysite, and enter <a href=''>Click Here To Visit Paysite Name</a> into the ad0 box.
2) On our video templates (template.video_header.php, template.video_content.php, template.video_footer.php located in the templates directory), we would put <? echo $ads[ad0]; ?> in the spot we would like this text link to appear.

Once this is done, all videos which are assigned to this paysite we created will display that text link in that spot. For other paysites, you would enter a textlink specific to them into the ad0 spot as well. This method can be applied for banners or any other type of ad. In short, whatever HTML you put into the ad# boxes will display on the video pages (of videos assigned to said paysite) in the spots you choose to output them. The ad system does not control ads outside of the video/gallery pages.

The player in the script also has advertisements. These are set in the configuration file at admin/config.php using ftp. They are pulled from XML, so you either need to use a sponsor that has a compatible XML feed (for instance, wetdollars), or you can host your own .xml file with the advertisement and point the config file at your own locally hosted xml.

To pull the paysite name on the video page, use <? echo $rrow[paysitename]; ?>. To pull the paysite url, you can use <? echo $rrow[paysiteurl]; ?>.
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