How do I upload and add videos?
Posted by Konrad Piwowar, Last modified by Konrad Piwowar on 01 November 2018 02:08 PM
There are several ways to add content to the script:
1) User Upload: If user uploading is enabled, anyone who is logged in can visit the upload.php page on the front end of the site. After entering a title, description, and keywords for the video, they are sent to a second page which has an upload widget with progress bar. User uploaded videos are sent the approval queue.
2) FTP Import: You can upload any type of video file (as long as the server has a codec for it) into the "ftp_content" directory on your server. The files should be put right in the root directory, and not in any folders. After uploading, please select "Content->FTP Import" from menu, and follow the instructions given in that file. After import, your files will be sent to the approval queue where you can enter titles, descriptions, etc.
3) CSV: This is used when importing videos from a sponsor. Most sponsors now provide such dump lists. For more detailed information on how to perform a dump import, please select "Content->CSV Import" from the menu. Embedded videos are placed directly in the publish queue, and do not go through the whole encoding process.
4) Hosted/Hotlinked: If you would like to add a single video that is being hosted on another server (for instance, a sponsor or another tube site), you can do so by selecting "Content->Add Hosted/Hotlinked". Please note that this is only used if you have the URL to the media file itself, and it is being hosted on HTTP (RTMP hosted video files cannot be imported).
5) XML Feeds: You can add sponsor xml feeds (running the standard tube xml format) to the script, and it will automatically bring new videos from the feeds in the approval queue every time the cron (xml_cron.php in the admin dir) runs. You can manually execute the cron from the encoder tab in the navigation.
6) Add Embedded: This will allow you to add embedded videos. You will unfortunately need to manually upload a thumbnail in this case, because there is no way to fetch a thumb from an embed code. Embedded videos are placed directly in the publish queue, and do not go through the whole encoding process.
7) Youtube Import: Enter youtube URLs one per line, and the script will import and embed them.
8) Tube Scraper: Enter video page URLs one per line (from the supported sites listed on the tube scraper page under Scrapers->Tube Scraper), and the script will automatically suck in videos, titles, descriptions, and keywords. Please note that this is not instant. It may take some time to download larger videos.

Regardless of which method of content adding you choose, the videos will always initially end up in the Approval Queue (Content->Approval Queue). You can either mass approve videos using the checkboxes, or do them one by one by pressing the green checkmark. After a video is approved, it is moved to the encoding queue. The encoding queue can be executed by clicking the 'Encode' button in the menu. At this stage, videos are encoded to mp4/h264 and thumbnailed. Videos which are already in FLV or MP4/h264 format are not re-encoded, only thumbnailed. Encoding may take some time depending on the size and quantity of the videos in the encoder queue.

After a video has been processed by the encoder script, it is placed in the Publish Queue (Content->Publish Queue). From here, you can mass publish using the checkboxes, or publish a single video using the green checkmark. Once published, a video appears live on the site. The script can be setup to automatically publish content at specific intervals (for instance, hourly). To do this, please add "admin/cronPublish.php" to your server's cron entries. Each time this cron is executed, a video will be published.
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