How does templating work?
Posted by Konrad Piwowar on 15 July 2011 03:41 PM
The script is controlled by a simple templating system using header/footer type system. Most of the relevant template files are located in the templates directory. Below is a listing of the main templates for the script. You may have additional template files if you have opted to get custom modifications done.
template.channel_item.php - The repeating channel thumbnail box on the channels.php page.
template.content_item.php - The repeating movie thumbnail box located on the index, search, related videos, etc pages.
template.content_item_photo.php - Same as above, except for photo galleries.
template.member_item.php - The repeating member thumbnail box located on members.php.
template.nav.php - The navigation menu for the site.
template.overall_header.php - The header for all pages on the site except video pages.
template.overall_footer.php - The footer for all pages on the site except video pages.
template.upload_form.php - The upload page.
template.video_header.php - The video page header.
template.video_content.php - The center of the video page. This is likely where you will be entering the ad codes mentioned above.
template.gallery_content.php - The center of the gallery pages.
template.video_footer.php - The video page footer.
mobile.*.php - The templates for the mobile version.
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