How do I remove or edit my video player's watermark?
Posted by Konrad Piwowar on 15 July 2011 03:39 PM

The locations and positions of the watermark on the video player are defined in admin/config.php. You must edit this file using a text editor.

The variables in question are as follows:

$player_show_watermark = 'true'; //show watermark
$player_always_show_watermark = 'true'; //show watermark even when displaying ads, etc
$player_watermark_link = $basehttp; //link when clicking watermark
$player_watermark_url = $basehttp.'/watermark.png'; //url to watermark png file
$player_watermark_target = '_self'; //html target when clicking watermark
$player_watermark_opacity = '80'; //watermark opacity in percent (%)
$player_watermark_padding_left = '0'; //watermark padding
$player_watermark_padding_right = '0'; //watermark padding
$player_watermark_padding_top = '0'; //watermark padding
$player_watermark_padding_bottom = '0';  //watermark padding
$player_watermark_placement = 'TR';  //watermark position, TR = Top Right, TL = Top Left, BR =  Bottom Right, BL = Bottom Left

By default, the watermark is read from

IMPORTANT: You may need to clear your browser cache to see changes, as flash applications such as the video player will get cached.

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